Poem for the Day: September 14th, 2021

Note Home by Chloe Honum

Mother, you have never seen such snow, such emphasis on 
setting. So it is accurate to say my heart broke in the snow.
One patient here is a Vietnam vet. His torso is hard like an
old-fashioned suitcase. Kick my dog, he says, referring to his
beloved animal over ten years dead, and I’ll kick your ass. The
light is fluorescent. Everything hums. It is so important to go
on naming, even if all I said to you this winter was snow, snow,

Then Winter: Poems by Chloe Honum is available to order from Bull City Press.


I had trouble getting today’s poem to format the way the author originally intended, so for clarity’s sake and to preserve the integrity of the line breaks, I am including an image of the poem taken by @ChelsDingman on Twitter, to whom I am indebted. Thank you, Chelsea!

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