Haiku XVI

Haiku XVI by Fred Slusher

Quick: run for your life 
You’re almost out of time now
Hold tight for dear life

Reader-friends, we have now reached the end of our haiku journey together. I had this wild notion to put sixteen haiku I wrote on a rainy afternoon onto this blog one at a time, and I really appreciate the response I’ve gotten from you all. So appreciative, in fact, that I have a little bonus for you.

Right now, I am putting together a collection of all the haiku I’ve published here on The Voracious Bibliophile and soon you’ll be able to have them all together. More to come on that later.

Thanks as always for being a faithful reader of The Voracious Bibliophile. If you like what you see, please like, comment, follow, and subscribe to my email list to get notified of new posts as soon as they drop. You can also email me at fred.slusher@thevoraciousbibliophile.com or catch me on Twitter and Instagram @voraciousbiblog. Keep reading the world, one page (or pixel) at a time.


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