Original Poem: bluster & melodrama

bluster & melodrama by Fred Slusher

You’re all bluster & melodrama 
Empire State of Eden’s
Rejects, Mama
You can still be a racist even though
You voted for Obama (Twice)

And I take meds to be a little
Less me in melancholia
Debutante in repose,
Rhinoplastied nose your dad
Bought you in Santa Fe but

I had to keep my ugly
And my secrets and my sighs tucked
Like a melody on a dusty piano
While you were in Reno
Getting turnt & twisted on the boulevard of broken dreams

You told me in aught three my
Songs were poorly written but I kept
Sparring with my demons & writ
My lonesomeness into dust & made myself free

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Copyright © 2021 Fred Slusher. All rights reserved.


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