Original Poem: Holding Onto a Reason by Fred Slusher

This is the first time I’ve posted my own poetry on my blog so naturally I’m terrified. Here you go.

Holding Onto a Reason by Fred Slusher

i write memoirs of crushed rose petals and 

poetry aided by artificially

-intelligent algorithms predicting

what it is my thumbs want to say

next but sometimes a different agenda

takes root. on an island of one, there is

no need for a king or a dream because

in the world of the self, there is only

the now — no need for dreams or sleep or

dreams or dreams or dreams or the sound of

rain slapping the truth out of the earth. the

closest i ever came to nirvana was the first

time i saw lady gaga perform yoü and i

bearing down on a baby grand in heels higher

than heaven studded in leather and the

glimmer of the stage lights brighter than

broadway than all the stars in the sky.

somethin’ ‘bout lonely nights and my lipstick

on your face
. i swam through a river of my own

blood to wash up on another unforgiving

shore. i clutched years like shards of glass

in my clenched fists and decided to keep

holding onto a reason.

Note: The phrase “somethin’ ‘bout lonely nights and my lipstick on your face” is borrowed from “Yoü and I” by Lady Gaga (Stefani Germanotta) who also wrote the lyrics. © 2014 Interscope Records.

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© 2021 Fred Slusher. All rights reserved.


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